eBay Practical Joke

This is a great practical joke to play on anyone who frequently buys from eBay, Craigslist or one of the other internet auction or marketplace sites.

The next time they win or order something, try to subtly find out exactly what it is and if possible, where they bought it from.

I find that saying things like `Wow, that sounds like a great deal, [insert another fiend's name here] told me that they wanted to get something similar, can you send me the link so I can let them know what a great deal they can get on eBay.`

Normally, eBayers take a couple of days to mail an item out, and it takes a further few days shipping time before you receive an item you have won and paid for.

During this time, we prepare our practical joke by making a fake package and mailing it to our unsuspecting victim.

For example, if your target is expecting to receive some clothing, you might get out an old, dirty, stained pair of pants and perhaps a worn out pair of underpants or socks, tear a couple holes in them and then mail them to your victim, quoting a return address in the same town, state or country as the seller.

To make the prank even more effective, I like to put an old banana skin into the pocket of the pants and include a note that says something like:

`Please find enclosed the items you ordered. Please Note that your order and payment are binding and that under no circumstances will I give a refund or accept a return. I hope that you enjoy wearing these as much as I did.`

Alternatively you could belligerently state:

`Thanks for your cash - you really should know better that to shop on line. You should be grateful that I bothered to send you anything at all! Have a nice life!`

Upon receipt of your prank package, your victim may try to email or call the real seller. The ensuing dialogue between a confused seller and an outraged buyer further enhances the humor value of this joke.

Even when the real package arrives, they will still be confused as to what has happened, why they received two packages, and who sent each package. In the end, you can choose whether to let them know the truth, or to leave them bewildered and confused!


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